Tooling and Accessories For Citizen M20 & M32 Machines

CIT-KSC-110K - The KSC-110K is a standard live X-axis cross drill/mill with an added benefit of an external coolant delivery port. Uses ER16 collets.

CIT-KSC-110ER - Standard live X-axis cross drill/mill that only utilizes half of a turret station. More cost effective than a standard KSC-110 and allows for the use of two KSC-110ERs on the same station simultaneously.

CIT-KSC-DEC10-3X - High Speed X-axis spindle. Spindle centerline is located 15mm from the guidebushing. Holds ER11 Collets. Features 1:3 gear ratio for 15,000 RPMS max w/ coolant delivery

CIT-KSC-510K - Adds additonal live tool positions by implementing a double spindle design. Retains same distance from guide bushing as standard KSC-110. Features coolant delivery ports. Gear Ratio of 1:1.462. Uses ER16 Collets
CIT-KSE-110DE-312 - Features a double ended ER16 spindle for front and back working operations. Features Coolant delivery on main spindle side. Gearing ratio is 1:1.
CIT-KSE-250KAI-2X - High-Speed Double Z-Axis spindle that utilizes the machine's half-station indexing feature. Capable of up to 10,000 RPMs. Features coolant through capability. Cost effective way to add 2 live tools.
CIT-KSE-110KAI- Features a coolant manifold for directing turret distributed coolant through the tool. 1:1 gearing. Uses ER16 collets. Also features a 26mm drilling depth.
CIT-KSE-110-2X - This High Speed Z-Axis Spindle directly mounts to the turret on the Citizen M20 & M32. Features Coolant delivery nozzle and 1:2 gear drive for up to 10,000RPM. Uses ER16 collets. Max Drilling depth of 26mm

CIT-KSA-307S - This live holder features angle adjustment for 0°-30°. Uses ER11 Collets. 1:1 gearing.
CIT-KSA-407S - 30°-90° adjustment.
Designed for Y-axis machines

KSW101-U.12 - Thread Whirling spindle ideal for screws smaller than 12mm in diameter and have less than +/- 10 degree helix rotation. Includes the UTILIS High Performance cutter ring.

CIT-CTF116-AR - Adjustable height OD holder for 5/8" square shank with adjustable center height +/- .040". Also has reversible shim plate for bi-directional tool positioning. Additional clearance provided for sub-spindle during cutoff.

CIT-CDF901AR - Coolant Fed three position ID tool holder. features (3) 1" tool bores. Designed for M-series machines with the Y-axis feature.


CIT-CDF905-AR - Coolant Fed 6 Position ID Tool Holder. Features (4) 3/4" positions & (2) 5/8" positions. Utilizes the half-index feature to access secondary tool positions. *Lower positions unsable on Y-axis machines*

CIT-CDF101-AR - Single Position ID tool holder featuring thru-coolant capability. Designed for use with thru-coolant collet sleeves.


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