ER Collet Sleeves & Drill Chucks for Swiss-Type CNC Machines

Coolant Fed / Coolant Thru ER Collet Sleeves

Specifically designed for use with High-Pressure coolant delivery systems, these collet sleeves feature NPTs built in for easy integration into your coolant system. A cost effective way to add coolant-thru capability to your drilling or boring applications.

These can be used with sealed coolant style ER collets or with standard ER collets. When using standard collets, it is recommended that a coolant sealing disc and coolant nut be used to facilitate the coolant flow through the tool.

Part No. Collet D1 D2 L1 L2 NPT
CS-11G-190-045C ER11 .750" 16mm 36mm 14mm 1/8"
CS-11G-190-072C ER11 .750" 16mm 63mm 14mm 1/8"
CS-16B-190-040C ER16 .750" 22mm 40mm 18mm 1/4"
CS-16B-190-060C ER16 .750" 22mm 60mm 18mm 1/4"
CS-16B-190-085C ER16 .750" 22mm 85mm 18mm 1/4"
CS-20B-254-050C ER20 1.00" 28mm 50mm 19mm 3/8"
CS-20B-254-085C ER20 1.00" 28mm 85mm 19mm 3/8"
Part No. Collet D1 D2 L1 L2 Coolant Fitting
CS-11M-200-075* ER11 20mm 16mm 75mm 13mm #4JIC M10x1
CS-11M-200-055 ER11 20mm 16mm 55mm 30mm #4JIC 1/8" NPT
CS-16M-200-055 ER16 20mm 22mm 55mm 31mm #4JIC 1/8" NPT
CS-16M-220-055 ER16 22mm 22mm 55mm 31mm #4JIC 1/8" NPT
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