Coolant Thru Swiss Cutting Tool Holders

We are proud to introduce standardized Swiss style cutting tool holders with coolant delivery built in through the shank. These ISO based holders feature 1/8" NPT connections for easy integration into high pressure coolant systems using flexible steel braided delivery lines. This simple yet effective method of setup and integration effectively eliminates the requirement of special aftermarket gang-plates and retrofit coolant delivery manifolds. Additionally, end users can select any insert style, geometry and carbide/cermet grade from any host of suppliers and cutting tool manufacturers. These holders are intended for use with Swiss Style CC, DC, VC inserts as well as UTILIS VP Multidec TOP inserts. Tool Holder shank sizes are offered as 1/2" or 5/8" as standard, however any shank size is available upon request.

coolant through high pressure cutting tool holders

NEW - Multidec CUT 3000 Series for CUTOFF, THREAD, BACKTURN etc. with High Pressure Coolant Through the Holder!

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- Interchageable coolant orifice plates enable exact control over coolant volume, pressure and velocity.

- Holds UTILIS & Other ISO Swiss Type Cutting Tools. (80, 55 & 35 degree)

- Easily integrated into coolant systems with NO retrofitting.

- NO custom proprietary gang plate or coolant manifold installation.

- Cost competitive & flexible without locking your machine into a single tooling system.

NEW - Multidec CUT 3000 Series for CUTOFF and BACKTURN with High Pressure Coolant Through the Holder!

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