Ti-Loc® SwissClamp: Taper Integrated Saw Arbors and Mill Holders
Ti-Loc taper integrated tools for cnc swiss machines

Introducing an exciting product in the GenSwiss Signature tooling line,The Ti-Loc® SwissClamp System. This Taper-integrated small tooling system is designed to work with virtually any collet or tool holder that employs the dual angle ER collet system (DIN6499)

**Patent Pending**

Direct Mount to ANY ER Taper Live or Static Tool Position!

• Reduces Tolerance “Stacking” for low TIR
• Increases Rigidity During Slitting Saw Operations and adds repeatable location.
• Extends the Reach of Micro-Endmills and Small Shank Rotary Tools
• Enables QUICK CHANGE of tooling

tiloc tooling integrates with virtually any existing ER collet clamping nut The Ti-Loc® System works with any existing tool holder *most* ER collet clamping nuts. Simply insert the
Ti-Loc holder into any ER nut and twist to align the locking cam profile.

GenSwiss recommends using REGO-FIX Hi-Q ER nuts with Ti-Loc Tooling for greatest accuracy!
er 16 saw arbors and endmill extensions - taper integrated
preset quick change siwss tooling with ti-loc er taper holders
Ti-Loc® Integrated Taper Saw Arbors
Part No. D1 D2 L1 L2 Taper
SAT-16-3.00-064250 3mm 6.4mm 25mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-3.00-064320 3mm 6.4mm 32mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-3.18-064250 .125" 6.4mm 25mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-3.18-064320 .125" 6.4mm 32mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-4.76-095250 .187" 9.5mm 25mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-4.76-095320 .187" 9.5mm 32mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-6.00-095250 6mm 9.5mm 25mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-6.00-095320 6mm 9.5mm 32mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-6.35-095250 .250" 9.5mm 25mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-6.35-095320 .250" 9.5mm 32mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-7.94-100250 .312" 10mm 25mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-7.94-100320 .312" 10mm 32mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-5.00-095250 5mm 9.5mm 25mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-5.00-095320 5mm 9.5mm 32mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-8.00-100250 8mm 10mm 25mm 9mm ER16
SAT-16-8.00-100320 8mm 10mm 32mm 9mm ER16
Recommended MAXIMUM SAW THICKNESS: ~2mm / .080"
er16 tiloc end mill holder for micro tools Ti-Loc® Integrated Taper Micro-Endmill Extensions
Part No. L1 D1 D2 Taper
CTE-11-3.18-080100 10mm 1/8" 8mm ER11
CTE-11-3.00-080100 3mm 8mm
CTE-11-3.18-080150 15mm 1/8" 8mm ER11
CTE-11-3.00-080150 3mm 8mm
CTE-11-3.18-080200 20mm 1/8" 8mm ER11
CTE-11-3.00-080200 3mm 8mm
CTE-11-4.00-080200 4mm 8mm
CTE-16-3.18-095160 16mm 1/8" 9.5mm ER16
CTE-16-4.76-095160 3/16" 9.5mm
CTE-16-3.00-095160 3mm 9.5mm
CTE-16-4.00-095160 4mm 9.5mm
CTE-16-5.00-095160 5mm 9.5mm
CTE-16-3.18-095250 25mm 1/8" 9.5mm ER16
CTE-16-4.76-095250 3/16" 9.5mm
CTE-16-3.00-095250 3mm 9.5mm
CTE-16-4.00-095250 4mm 9.5mm
CTE-16-5.00-095250 5mm 9.5mm
CTE-20-3.18-095160 16mm 1/8" 9.5mm ER20
CTE-20-4.76-114160 3/16" 11.4mm
CTE-20-6.35-125140 14mm 1/4" 12.5mm
CTE-20-4.00-095160 16mm 4mm 9.5mm
CTE-20-5.00-114140 14mm 5mm 11.4mm
CTE-20-6.00-125140 6mm 12.5mm
CTE-20-3.18-095250 25mm 1/8" 9.5mm ER20
CTE-20-4.76-114250 3/16" 11.4mm
CTE-20-6.35-125250 1/4" 12.5mm
CTE-20-3.00-095250 3mm 9.5mm
CTE-20-4.00-095250 4mm 9.5mm
CTE-20-5.00-114250 5mm 11.4mm
CTE-20-6.00-125250 6mm 12.5mm
Increased Rigidity for Micro Endmills
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