Micro Boring Tools for Micro Parts Manufacturing by UTILIS
micro boring tools for swiss machines by utilis

UTILIS Swiss Type Turning tools are designed by Swiss engineers who understand the requirements and demands of today's Swiss Turning Industry. The tooling that they have engineered excels in the areas demanded by the Swiss machinist to produce complete, accurate, high quality precision parts. Extreme rigidity, tool life, repeatabilty & ease of setup are just some of the qualities that UTILIS Swiss Turning Tools feature.

The MICROBORE system makes orienting & locating of small boring-bars an easy task. Specialized holders that feature a positive stop pin ensure that the micro-boring bar is always oriented and located in the same location consistently. As an added feature, every micro-bore bar & holder has thru-coolant capability.

MicroBore tools range from .016" to .315" in diameter

Using MICROBORE boring bars with the MICROBORE holder makes orientation & location of micro boring bars simple. Every boring bar incorporates an angled back end that locates within .0002" against a positive location pin contained within every precision MICROBORE holder. A fine pitch thread knurled nut applies sufficient force against the snap ring on the boring bar simply by tightening by hand. NO WRENCHES REQUIRED.

Quickly Setup, Locate & Orient Micro Boring Bars

Thru-Coolant Capabilty down to .5 mm

Multi-facted Boring Bar neck reduces harmonic vibration, resulting in Better Surface Finish & Longer Tool Life


Holders Available for Any Swiss Machine

Complete Micro Boring System - Features a full array of cutting geometries
drill bore micro boring barSDG Geometry Micro Boring tool. "Drill Bore" Geometry enables drilling and boring using a single tool from one ID position.
sdq micro boring toolSDQ Micro Boring tool. Radius nosed standard front turn boring tool. Ideal for some internal profile turning as well.
micro grooving toolSDT Micro Grooving and turning tool. Ideal for generating internal grooves within a bore for o-rings or snap rings.
sharp nose micro boring bar toolingSDH Micro Boring tool. Sharp nose front turning tool designed for standard boring operations and internal profiling.
internal micro threading toolsSDU Micro ID Threading tools. Standard partial 60 degree profile can be used for a variety of internal thread pitches.
micro boring tool holders for swiss machinesSDA Micro Boring tool holders enable easy changing of micro tooling. Often copied but never duplicated, the MicroBore holder is a leader in Swiss boring.


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