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high speed 4X spindles for Citizen machine GSC1110GenSwiss, leading source for tools, accessories and assistance for Swiss machining, now offers the new
PCM Swiss made 4X high speed spindles for select Citizen Swiss machines, allowing users more productive performance from their existing micro drills, end mills and high speed thread milling tooling. The spindles feature a new planetary style gear system with a low profile configuration. The 4X Models GSC510 and GSC110 are a direct fit for many Citizen A, L, M and the new L32 series machines providing easy installation and operation. In addition, the unique housing design seals out cutting oil for reliable long life. From application to application whatever the user programs allows use of higher rotational output speeds to minimize burrs, provide improved surface finishes and eliminate secondary operations.  REGO-FIX ER8 Collet is standard for the full range of micro tool holding.

GenSwiss has introduced the E Z R Swiss Clamp System for fast and positive ER collet nut clamping. The new E Z R system eliminates wrench slippage and losing clamping nuts in machine sump/chip bin, keeps machine operators hands clear of sharp tooling, prevents accidental breakage of expensive ID micro-tooling and permits achieving proper torque settings. The Swiss clamp nuts replace standard Mini-Nuts and can be tightened using standard box wrenches or 3/8” drive ratchet wrench with either the E Z R wrench adaptor or the E Z R torque adaptor designed for greater clearance areas. Both adaptors engage and lock to the clamping nut with a specialized cam system on the face to deliver positive torque to the nut while eliminating slipping on the wrench and ensuring the nut does not drop into the machine sump.The new E Z R system is packaged as a kit that includes (6) E Z R Swiss clamp nuts, (1) E Z R wrench adaptor, (1) E Z R torque nut adaptor, plus spanner wrench.

To meet the ever increasing design and production requirements of micro medical devices, dental implants, electronic and other micro components utlizing micro grooving, GenSwiss now offers turning tools capable of cutting grooves to the thickness of human hair (.0019") and up to .108" with cutting edge repeatability within .0004". Available from stock, the new UTILIS® Multidec 1600 series micro grooving and turning tools can handle both prototypes and production work. Designed for the smallest Swiss machines, the1600 series tools are ground from premium carbide grades for enhanced tool life in the toughest materials. Contact GenSwiss for design and application requirements.

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swiss silver premium cutting oil for turning machines

Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc., offers “Swiss Silver” cutting oils specifically designed for greater lubricity, faster heat dissipation, improved part finish and longer tool life in Swiss type machining applications. Several types of “Swiss Silver” are available to suit “soft” and “hard” metal applications. The unique formulation of “Swiss Silver” serves to eliminate wax-like buildup on machine's slide surfaces that can catch chips that create abrasion, loss

of accuracy and high machine maintenance costs. All formulations are clear allowing for greater operator visibility while lower viscosity results in less fluid use, less

fluid carry out on parts and less chance of tolerance change as machine oil temperature increases. In addition, “Swiss Silver” features high-pressure delivery capability for low mist, low foam and low air entrapment ensuring the oil remains inside the machine and does not go into the air in the shop.

micro bore boring tools for swiss machinesGenevieve Swiss Industries, Inc, national distributor and marketer of UTILIS® Swiss Type turning tools has introduced Multidec MICRO-BORE system that makes locating micro boring bars in the holder simple and easy for quicker micro-boring bar changes. The uniquely designed boring bar incorporates an angled back that locates the bar less than .0004” against a positive location pin in the bar holder. By simply hand tightening a fine pitch threaded knurled nut applies the force needed against boring bar snap ring. No wrenches are needed, significantly limiting micro-boring bar breakage from slipping wrenches in tight tooling areas. The boring bar necks feature a multi-faceted surface for reduced harmonics, resulting in improved surface finishes and contributing to longer insert life. Ideal for small parts precision and medical applications, the MICRO-BORE system provides high quality internal machining operations including chamfering, spotting, threading, I.D. grooving and internal profiling. The solid carbide MICRO-BORE bars range in size from 1mm to 8mm. In addition, every boring bar and holder has thru-coolant capability. Different coatings are available to suit application requirements.

Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc. is the exclusive source for UTILIS Multidec® product line for North America.

Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc, national distributor and marketer of Swiss Type tools and accessories, now offers a new TWR-High Performance Whirling System for faster thread whirling of long threaded forms,

bone screw thread profiles, miniature ball screws and more. The new TWR-Whirling System is the only whirling ring able to incorporate up to 12 cutters and uses the UTILIS' standard 1600 series MULTIDEC-CUT ® inserts. The TWR-High Performance Whirling System boosts productivity more than 5X or more on Swiss type machines over the previous traditional whirling systems. Recently conducted tests resulted in a cycle reduction greater than 60% on Titanium Bone Screws. Genevieve Swiss believes the additional benefits of superior surface finish and longer tool life provided by the TWR-Whirling System will help U.S. manufacturers realize considerable cost advantage for competing in the global market.

To assist users, Genevieve Swiss has developed a “Guide to Thread Whirling” featuring valuable machining information including speeds and feeds, cutting principles, and troubleshooting tips for whirling applications. A copy is furnished with any PCM ® Thread Whirling Attachment purchased from Genevieve Swiss. Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc. is the exclusive source for UTILIS Multidec® swiss style cutting tools product line for North America.

New Rotary Broach heads, available from Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc., feature “no center indicating” allowing for faster and easier setups for CNC Swiss-type machines and gang style lathes. Specifically designed for these machines, the compact size of the 2160 Rotary Broach heads fits into the tightest tooling areas without loosing adjacent ID stations. The head diameter of 1.1” and length of 2.42” permits use in space limited sub-spindle applications. Each holder has an extended shank, eliminating the need to add a bushing, thereby reducing vibration, increasing rigidity, and providing longer tool life. In addition, the extended shank allows for easy modification to suit specific machine and application requirements. The broach utilizes a unique bearing design making it the most compact medium duty broach available, capable of withstanding 2200 lbs of push force.

The Model 2160 is ideal for many medical and dental implant manufacturing (bone screws) applications as well as aerospace rated fasteners that utilize hex shapes to drive them. The 2160 is stocked in shank sizes of 16, 20, 22 and 25mm as well as 5/8”, 3/4” and 1” diameters. They are also available in 12 and 14mm diameters upon request.

Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc, national distributor and marketer of Swiss Type cutting tools and accessories, introduces UTILIS® AG Multidec® Swiss Made turning inserts providing guaranteed repeatability of less than .0004” for turning work 1” diameter and below. Utilizing a proprietary chipbreaker design for efficient chip flow, these premium OD turning inserts feature a unique holding system with dual screw clamping, three point insert location providing extreme rigidity and accuracy. They are ideally suited for cutting titanium and 300 series stainless and other difficult materials common in aerospace and medical applications. All these inserts are available in front and back turning styles, can be quickly changed and reground when necessary. A range of coatings are available.

In addition, UTILIS offers MICRO-BORE quick change bore system for boring, threading, grooving, ID back turning with thru-coolant boring featuring coolant delivery down to 1mm. Minimum bore sizes range from .032” to .280”. Boring bar holder shanks are available to fit any Swiss-Type CNC Machine. Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc. is the exclusive source for UTILIS Multidec® product line in North America.

Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc, national distributor and marketer of PCM Willen S. A. of Switzerland tooling products, has introduced replacement Live Tooling Spindles for Tornos DECO models, featuring a heavy duty steel housing (vs. aluminum OEM styles) for increased rigidity and greater thermal stability. These axial milling and drilling spindles incorporate high grade bearings for increased accuracy and greater spindle life. The PCM axial spindles suit the Tornos models with collet sizes as follows: DECO 10 utilizing ER11 axial spindle, DECO 13a utilizing ER 20 axial spindle, DECO 20a/26a utilizing ER25 axial spindle. In addition, a triple cross-drill unit with its 3 spindles increases the live tooling capacity for the Deco 20 & 26. Also available is a thread whirling head that accommodates the unique Thread Whirling Ring that enhance the number of cutters utiized for higher production and increased insert life.

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