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Our Current Featured New Products
louis belet premium carbide cutting tools

new productsPremium Carbide Cutting Tools from Louis Belet! louis belet swiss cutting tools end mills and drills

  • Comprehensive full line of specialized carbide drills!
  • Premium Line of Carbide End Mills, Key Cutters and Dovetails!
  • PCD Cutting Tools, Form Cutters and Thread Mills!
  • 6500 Standard Catalog Items!
gs chipbreaker for steels swiss cut off tool

new productsMultidec-CUT type 'GS' for Advanced Tool Life in Steels

  • Precision Molded Carbide w/ Chip Control Geometry
  • Fits all Multidec-CUT3000 Swiss-type turning holders
  • Optimized for parting off Steels, Stainless Steels and Super Alloys
  • Coating and Carbide Grade Finely Tuned for Aggressive Speeds and Feeds
multidec_lube swiss tool holder clamps

new productsMultidec-LUBE Coolant Thru Tool Clamps / Wedges

  • Integrated High Pressure Coolant Jets built into the tool clamp!
  • DIRECTLY REPLACES the standard tool holder clamps / wedges on the gang
  • NEVER waste time bending and directing high pressure coolant nozzles
  • NO SPECIAL TOOLING required! Works with industry standard Swiss tooling
er16 end mill micro mill extension

new productsTi-Loc® SwissClamp: Micro End Mill Extensions

  • Integrated ER Taper and Tool Holder Eliminates Tolerance Stacking
  • Tight TIR Tolerances
  • Hardened Steel Construction provides long service life
genbore mini tool holder

new productsCIT-SAU919-S: Tool Holder for L20X / L20XII Machines

  • Short Flange Length for additional clearance during drilling and boring
  • OEM style fitment at half the cost
  • Protects live tooling positions during static tool operations
Premium Cutting Tools for CNC Swiss Machines by UTILIS of Switzerland
multidec swiss type cutting tools

UTILIS Multidec-CUT 3000 Series Swiss Cutting Tools

  • Rigid Complete Holding System for Cutoff, Turning, Threading, Groove etc.
  • Guaranteed cutting edge repeatability within .0004"
  • Wide range of cutting tool geometries available
  • Twin screw clamping system
multidec micro cutting tools

UTILIS Multidec-CUT 1600 Series Micro Cutting Tools

  • Insert width range from .05mm - 3mm (.002" - .118")
  • Ideal for Micro-turning applications in all Swiss Machines and Lathes
  • Guaranteed cutting edge repeatability within .0004"
  • Complete micro turning system - Cutoff, Thread, Turn, Groove etc.
multidec top performance swiss turning tools

UTILIS Multidec-TOP Series Performance Cutting Tools

  • Allows FASTER FEEDS while maintaining excellent surface finish
  • Sharp Tool Nose Radius - Ranging 0.00mm to .2mm
  • Wiper geometry for excellent surface finish
  • Sharp or honed edge treatment for a variety of cutting applications
iso sharp edge cutting inserts for swiss style turning

UTILIS Multidec-ISO Series Swiss Cutting Tools

  • Large Selection Swiss-type oriented ISO 35, 55, & 80 degree cutting inserts
  • Chipbreaker and cutting geometries for tough alloy materials
  • Unique holders specifically designed for Swiss-Type lathes
coolant thru swiss turning holders and tooling

Coolant Thru Swiss Cutting Tool Holders

  • Coolant Thru ISO 35, 55, & 80 degree cutting holders
  • Delivers Coolant right to the cutting edge of the insert
  • Connects directly to high pressure coolant systems with NPT fittings
back tool system for subspindle turning

UTILIS Multidec Back Tool Holders

  • Modular holder for turning on your Swiss lathe's subspindle
  • Modules available for ISO, TOP & CUT Style inserts
  • Center height adjustable
Precision Boring Tools and Specialized Boring Holders
micro boring tools for cnc swiss machines

UTILIS Multidec Micro-Bore Tools

  • Complete Boring and ID working system for CNC Swiss Machines
  • Precise location easily attained with specialized tool holders
  • Ideal for Precision Micro Boring Application
genbore triple ID holder

The GenBore Triple ID Position Tool Holder

  • Thru-Coolant capable through 1, 2 or all 3 positions
  • Easily adds up to 3 more ID tools by installing to an unused OD station
  • Ideal for spotting, boring, small hole drilling & other small ID work
genbore mini dogleg boring holder for swiss lathes

GenBore-mini: Small ID Tool Holding Solution

  • Low Profile, low interference design fits most Swiss machines
  • Available bored for tooling or blank
  • Competitively priced
dog leg single ID holders for swiss machines

Dog Leg Boring Bar Holders

  • Converts a turning station to an ID station
  • Custom made to your specifications
  • Ideal for Boring and Spotting
quick change boring adaptors

Quick Change Boring Holders

  • Fits "ER" Collet holders
  • Set screws help with boring bar orientation
  • Presettable for axial length offline
Rotary and Punch Broaching Holders and Tools - PCM and GenSwiss
micro broach holder

Micro Rotary Broach Holder and Tools

  • Ideal for CNC Swiss Machines and Lathes
  • Smallest broach head design available to the industry
  • Ideal for Medical and Aerospace micro broaching applications
  • Swiss Made Precision for Swiss-Type Lathes
swiss rotary broaching holders

The ORIGINAL Swiss-Type Rotary Broach Holder

  • Ideal for CNC Swiss Machines and Lathes
  • ON CENTER Design, No Center Indicating
  • Lightning Fast Setup in All Swiss Lathes
  • Swiss Made Precision for Swiss-Type Lathes
  • THE BEST CHOICE for Rotary Broaching in Your Swiss Machine
heavy duty rotary broaching products

Heavy Duty Rotary Broach Holders

  • Adjustable center location for precision setup on CNC Lathes
  • Industry best for bearing strength and build quality
  • Europes leading rotary broaching tools, now available in the USA
punch broach static holder

new productsStatic Punch Broach Holders for Swiss, Lathes and Milling Centers

  • Rigid Broach Holder designed specifically to hold static punch broaches
  • Can be used with partial form punches to reduce cutting pressures
  • Enables controlled orientation of broached forms and features
hex broaching tools for rotary swiss broaching holders

Rotary Broach Tools - HiCo8 & Nominal Hex Sizes

  • Ground from Hi-Cobalt Swiss Tool Steel - Provides Superior Tool Life
  • Precision grind provides cleaner broach results
  • Meets or exceeds Medical and Aerospace manufacturing requirements
  • Most broach tools available with pressure vent
Knurling Holders and Dies
axial feed straddle knurl holder for swiss machines

Straddle Knurling Tool for Small Parts

  • Ideal for CNC Swiss Machines and Lathes
  • Supports small diameter parts to prevent deflection
  • Enables axial feeding of long knurled parts
  • Adjustable to accomodate any diameter .750" and under
bump knurling holders

Compact Bump Style Knurl Holders

  • Ideal for CNC Swiss Machines and Lathes
  • Single and Double knurling die configurations
  • Economical knurling solution
axial feeding knurling holder for lathes

Heavy Duty Axial Feeding Knurl Holders

  • Adjustable for various diameters
  • Enables knurling on long parts
  • Three die configuration for heavy duty applications
knurling dies

Convex and Standard Performance Knurl Dies

  • Convex knurl dies are the ultimate tool for axial feed knurling applications
  • Hi Cobalt tool steel provides cleaner knurl results and longer tool life
  • Available in standard TPI or diametral pitch (DP)
  • Available with CVD coatings
Solid Carbide Slitting Saws, Precision Arbors and Ti-Loc SwissClamp ER Holders
ti loc swissclamp er taper arbors for er collet systems

Ti-Loc® SwissClamp Saw Arbors and Milling Extensions

  • Integrated ER Taper and Tool Holder Eliminates Tolerance Stacking
  • Tight TIR Tolerances
  • Hardened Steel Construction provides long service life
carbide slitting saws

Solid Carbide Slitting Saws

  • Swiss Made carbide slitting saws
  • Tight tolerance on saw thickness
  • Premium micro-grain carbide provides better results
  • Fine tooth configuration for slotting of stainless steels

High Precision Saw Arbors for Swiss Machines

  • Low runout for tight tolerance slitting
  • Rigid holding for prolonged tool life and decreased chatter
  • Combination style saw arbors hold and extra live tool
Precision Collets, Collet Sleeves and Various Tool Holding Products
er16 end mill micro mill extension

new productsTi-Loc® SwissClamp: Micro End Mill Extensions

  • Integrated ER Taper and Tool Holder Eliminates Tolerance Stacking
  • Tight TIR Tolerances
  • Hardened Steel Construction provides long service life
er collets by rego fix precision swiss tool holders

REGO-FIX Precision ER Collets

  • REGO-FIX is the original inventor of the ER Collet
  • The highest quality ER Collet available to the industry today
  • Available in .0004" TIR Standard or .0002" Ultra Precision
  • Sealed Collets for coolant-thru applications
high accuracy micro drill holders for swiss machines

Extreme Precision Micro Drill Holders - Ultra LOW T.I.R.

  • Extreme accuracy for holding micro drills
  • Unique collet retains high accuracy required for micro tooling
  • Prehardened holder shanks ensure long service life
  • Clamping range from .5mm to 5.8mm (.0196" - .2283")
floating tapping collets for er collet tapers

Floating Tap Collets from PCM of Switzerland

  • ET1 PCM Tap Collets work with any 'ER' Collet Holder
  • Corrects pitch error in tapping operations
  • Floats on retraction
  • Works well in Swiss CNC Lathe Operations
ezr er collet nuts eliminate slippage during setup

EzR Swiss Clamp System for ER Collet Holders

  • Retrofits to ANY DIN6499 ER Style Collet Holder
  • NEVER lose clamping nuts in the machine sump again!
  • High Speed balanced for use with live tooling
  • Prevents machine operator injury during machine setups!
high precision er collet holder for swiss machine tooling

Swiss Precision ER Collet Sleeves / Holders

  • Ideal for CNC Swiss Machines and Lathes
  • Uses REGO-FIX HiQ ER Collet Clamping Nut
  • Precision ground collet tapers, threads and case hardend surfaces
  • Swiss Made Precision for Swiss-Type Lathes
coolant thru swiss tooling holders

Coolant-Thru ER Collet Sleeves

  • Includes NPT fitting and coolant thru stop screw
  • Precision ground locating surfaces
  • Designed for use with high-pressure coolant delivery systems
double ended tooling for swiss machines

Swiss Precision Double Ended Collet Sleeves

  • Enables ID working on both main and subspindles
  • Uses REGO-FIX HiQ ER Collet Clamping Nuts
  • Ideal for 'dog-leg' tool positions commonly found in Swiss CNC Machines
quick change coolant thru tooling for swiss machines

Quick-Change Collet Sleeves

  • Easily Locates standard boring bars in radial and axial positions
  • Use with 'ER' Boring Adaptors or Quick Change ER Adaptors
  • Cost Effective Tool Holding Solution
quick change er boring adaptors

Quick-Change ER Collet Bore Adaptors

  • Easily Locates standard boring bars in radial and axial positions
  • Use with Quick-Change Collet Sleeves
  • Solid ER Collet bore for use will all boring bars
quick change er collet holders and tooling for swiss machines

Quick-Change ER Collet Adaptors

  • Set tool lengths outside of your machine
  • Keep preset tools nearby to reduce downtime
  • Simplify training
  • Ideal for Swiss Machines & Any turning center using the ER Collet system
Industry Leading Thread Whirling Products for Precision Thread Production
industry leading thread whirling inserts and tool holders rings

High Performance Thread Whirling Rings

  • Available designs for 9 or 12 Cutters for high output thread production
  • Whirling rings for Citizen, Star, Tornos, Tsugami, Nexturn & Maier Swiss
  • Additional cutters allow faster speeds and feeds
  • Capable of whirling double lead / double helix threads
thread whirling spindle for swiss machines

Thread Whirling Attachments for Swiss Machines

  • Swiss Made precision whirling attachments
  • Enables high output threaded part manufacturing on Swiss Lathes
  • Built-in Helix adjustment
  • Compatible with the UTILIS High Performance Thread Whirling System
precision thread whirling inserts by UTILIS

High Performance Thread Whirling inserts by UTILIS

  • The most accurate thread whirling insert available to the industry
  • Custom made per print specs
  • Highly repeatable ground thread forms
  • Double thread lead style inserts available
thread whirling information and data

Thread Whirling Data and Recommendations

  • Learn the basics of thread whirling and how it can benefit your operation
  • Helix angle calculator helps determine required whirl angle
  • Advantages to thread whirling over single point threading

Genevieve Swiss Industries carries a full line of premium grade cutting oils specifcally designed for the manufacture of small parts. From Aluminum & Brass to 300 Series Stainless, Titanium & Exotic Alloys, there is an appropriate grade of oil for your application. Swiss Silver Oils feature greater lubricity over competitive products and are better for the life of your machine, not just your cutting tools. Some oils create a wax-like buildup on your machine's sliding surfaces which catches chips and creates an abrasive over time. This will ultimately cause your machine to lose accuracy and even result in costly maintenance charges. Click here for MSDS Data

Good for all Metals, including Aluminum, Brass & Copper
Contains Additives to enhance tool life in ferrous materials and tough alloys. Could tarnish Aluminum, Brass & Copper parts if left uncleaned

Swiss Silver Type A & B
Our Standard HIGH PERFORMANCE Premium Product. Ideal for all Swiss-Type Machines or Small Parts Turning Centers. For extended tool life & Medium pressure delivery & package for reduced mist & air entrapment.

Type A: LCO-SS00-A00-MGS ---- Type B: LCO-SS00-B00-MGS

Swiss Silver "AB" (Aluminum & Brass)
Specifically designed for Aluminum, Brass and Copper applications. Special features include our Extended Tool Life Formulation for machining Aluminum & Brass with superior finish results. Prevents tarnishing of all yellow metals.


Swiss Silver HM Type A & B
Formulated for machining of "hard metals" such as high nickel materials, Inconel, Hastaloy and other extreme & exotic alloys. Includes tool life enhancing additives providing the superior finish results that Swiss Silver users expect.

Type A: LCO-SSHM-A00-MGS ---- Type B: LCO-SSHM-B00-MGS

Swiss Silver HP Type A & B
Specifically designed for High Pressure Coolant Delivery Systems. Provides incredible resistance to foaming while minimizing mist and air entrapment. Available in both TYPE A & TYPE B Grades. Suitable for all applications

Type A: LCO-SSHP-A00-MGS ---- Type B: LCO-SSHP-B00-MGS

Swiss Silver Vegetable Base
High Performance Vegetable Based alternative product provides pure lubricity and unparalleled surface finish on parts. Biodegradeable and environmentally acceptable for fulfilling 'green' machining objectives.

Type A: LCO-SSVX-101A-VGS ---- Type B: LCO-SSVX-101B-VGS

Specialized Precision Micro Tooling for Small Parts ID Machining
micro carbide drills swiss made by louis belet

Premium Carbide Tools from Louis Belet SA of Switzerland!

  • 2 flute, 3 flute and EXPERT Series Precision Carbide Drills
  • End Mills, Key Cutters, Dove Tails
  • Gear Hobbs, Thread Mills
  • Over 6500 Standard Catalog Items
floating reamer chucks for micro reaming tools on cnc swiss machines

Floating Reamer Holder for Micro Reamers

  • Orbitally floating for accurate small hole reaming
  • Prevents bell mouthing and snapping of micro reamers
  • Adjustable float sensitivity
  • Ideal for Swiss CNC Machines
micro reamer tools for swiss lathes

Carbide Micro-Reamers

  • Performance micro-grain carbide micro reamers
  • Left Hand Spiral, Right Hand cut with diameter tolerance of +0 / - .00012"
  • Diameters from .0236" - .147" - larger diameters available
Micro drills carbide and HSS for CNC lathes mills and swiss machines

Precision HiCo8 HSS and Solid Carbide Micro Drills

  • Superior repeatability and extreme concentricity micro drill products
  • Cutting Diameters Range from" .1mm (.0039") thru 3mm (.1181")
  • Excellent flute finish and web treatment - excellent cutting characteristics
  • Standardized easy-to-hold shank diameters fit standard ER collet holders
carbide insert style spot drills

GenCut (tm) Solid Carbide Insertable Spot Drills

  • The ultimate quick-change spot tool
  • Highly repeatable - minimizes down time
  • Available in 60, 82, 90, 120, and 140 degree spot angles
  • Tool nose / web thickness of .005", .015" and .036"
genbore triple ID holder

The GenBore Triple ID Position Tool Holder

  • Thru-Coolant capable through 1, 2 or all 3 positions
  • Easily adds up to 3 more ID tools by installing to an unused OD station
  • Ideal for spotting, boring, small hole drilling & other small ID work
genbore mini dogleg boring holder for swiss lathes

GenBore-mini: Small ID Tool Holding Solution

  • Low Profile, low interference design fits most Swiss machines
  • Available bored for tooling or blank
  • Competitively priced
Live Tooling, Holders and Attachments for CNC Swiss Machines - Choose Make Below  
Magnetic Finishing and Deburring Systems / Concentricity and Gaging Systems

Magnetic Finishing Systems for Micro-Deburring and Burnishing

  • Simplfies finishing of small delicate NON-FERROUS parts
  • Provides a highly burnished finish without deforming sensitve features
  • Automated programmable timer and rotation
  • Compact and usable for workbench or machine-side deburring
  • Magnetic vortex uses stainless steel pins for deburring media

High Precision Small Parts Runout Gaging Systems

  • Ideal for checking concentricity of small machined components
  • Adjustable for diameters between .125" to 1.00"
  • Availalble in multiple configurations

Current Specials and Promotions

easily manufacture medical components with tooling from genswiss

GenSwiss Straddle Knurl Holder - In Production Demo

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GenSwiss EzR SwissClamp ER Collet System Demonstration

ezr er swiss tooling collet nuts

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GenSwiss Straddle Knurl Holder Demo

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GenSwiss Swiss Style Rotary Broaching Demo - Steels

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UTILIS MultidecTOP - VPXT / VPGT Stainless Steel Demo

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The Process of How Rotary Broaching Works - Clear Acrylic Demo
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