Precision ER Collets and Collet Holding Tools for Swiss Lathes
er collets by rego fix

REGO-FIX Precision ER Collets

  • REGO-FIX is the original inventor of the ER Collet
  • The highest quality ER Collet available to the industry today
  • Available in .0004" TIR Standard or .0002" Ultra Precision
  • Sealed Collets for coolant-thru applications
high precision low tir micro drill and tool holders

Extreme Accuracy Micro Drill Holders

  • Extreme accuracy for holding micro drills
  • Unique collet retains high accuracy required for micro tooling
  • Prehardened holder shanks ensure long service life
  • Clamping range from .5mm to 5.8mm (.0196" - .2283")
tapping collets axial floating

Floating Tap Collets from PCM of Switzerland

  • ET1 PCM Tap Collets work with any 'ER' Collet Holder
  • Corrects pitch error in tapping operations
  • Floats on retraction
  • Works well in Swiss CNC Lathe Operations

NEW - EzR Swiss Clamp System for ER Collet Holders

  • Retrofits to ANY DIN6499 ER Style Collet Holder
  • NEVER lose clamping nuts in the machine sump again!
  • High Speed balanced for use with live tooling
  • Prevents machine operator injury during machine setups!
tool holders for swiss machines er collet sleeves

Swiss Precision ER Collet Sleeves / Holders

  • Ideal for CNC Swiss Machines and Lathes
  • Uses REGO-FIX HiQ ER Collet Clamping Nut
  • Precision ground and case hardend surfaces
  • Swiss Made Precision for Swiss-Type Lathes
coolant thru collet sleeves for swiss machines

Coolant-Thru ER Collet Sleeves

  • Includes NPT fitting and coolant thru stop screw
  • Precision ground locating surfaces
  • Designed for use with high-pressure coolant delivery systems
double end er collet sleeves for swiss lathes

Swiss Precision Double Ended Collet Sleeves

  • Enables ID working on both main and subspindles
  • Uses REGO-FIX HiQ ER Collet Clamping Nuts
  • Ideal for 'dog-leg' tool positions commonly found in Swiss CNC Machines
quick change er sleeves

Quick-Change Collet Sleeves

  • Easily Locates standard boring bars in radial and axial positions
  • Use with 'ER' Boring Adaptors or Quick Change ER Adaptors
  • Cost Effective Tool Holding Solution
bore adaptors er

Quick-Change ER Collet Bore Adaptors

  • Easily Locates standard boring bars in radial and axial positions
  • Use with Quick-Change Collet Sleeves
  • Solid ER Collet bore for use will all boring bars
er collet quick change adaptors

Quick-Change ER Collet Adaptors

  • Set tool lengths outside of your machine
  • Keep preset tools nearby to reduce downtime
  • Simplify training
  • Ideal for Swiss Machines & Any turning center using the ER Collet system
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