Tooling and Accessories For Citizen C16 Machines



CIT-GSC-607-2X - This High Speed Cross Drill/Mill Spindle is a direct replacement of the OEM spindles and provides a 2X speed output up to 16,000 Max RPMs. Uses a standard ER 11 Collet.

High Speed heads provide faster milling and drilling speeds to reduce cycle times and minimize burrs by producing more efficient cutting capabilities.


CIT-GSE-507-2X - This High Speed Z-Axis tool holder is a direct replacement of the OEM spindles and provides a 2X speed output up to 16,000 max RPMs. Max drilling depth with this head is .625". Tool holder max. width is 45mm which may result in loss of adjacent left live station, depending on position used.

CIT-GSE-507-DE - Double ended Z-axis spindle for front and back work. Main Spindle features ER11 collet holder. Sub Spindle side features ER8 Collet holder


CIT-LSW424 - Thread whirling with increased speed ratio 1:1. Faster speed provides improved surface finish and reduced cycle time. For small screws with +/- 9° helix angle. Cutters are positioned 10mm from Z-0 position.

Includes UTILIS 9 or 12 insert cutting ring for increased surface finish and productivity


CIT-GSC-707- Live 90° Spindle for Cross Drilling/Milling on the End working Slide. Uses ER 11 Collets. Designed for the Citizen C16 live endworking stations


CIT-GSE-807 - This unit is a live Z-axis tool spindle for use in the C16 end working slide. Direct OEM replacement. Max machining depth of 1.125" for front work. .645" max depth for back work. Uses ER11 collets. Includes removable coolant and chip shield to prevent premature bearing wear.



CIT-GDF-901- ID Tool Holder 3/4" Bore, Max drilling depth of 1.970". Replaces standard milling spindle providing an added ID tool station.


CIT-SAU-319 - ID Tool Holder 3/4" Bore, replaces a live tool position for Static boring or drilling on the end slide.

2160 Series

2160 Series Rotary Broaching Tool Holder for CNC Swiss: A low profile Rotary Broach Holder specifically designed for CNC Swiss Type Machines. Reduces setup time by eliminating the need indicate the broach to center and is small enough to fit into the tightest tooling setups. Capable of withstanding up to 2250lbs of thrust force, this rotary broach holder is ideal for swiss-type medical applications and works well for broaching tough materials such as Titanium, 300 Series Stainless and other medical grade alloys. Click here for more info

Precision ER Collet

Precision ER Collet holders and tool holding products for CITIZEN Swiss MachinesGenSwiss is proud to offer a complete line of ER Straight shank collet holders for STAR CNC Swiss machines. Quick change type, coolant thru and Super Precision for micro tool holding are also available. Click here for more info

Straddle Knurl

Straddle Knurling Holders: Conventional 'bump' knurling methods are undesirable for smaller diameter parts as the forces will deflect the workpiece. To control this problem, a straddle knurl holder should be used to provide support to the workpiece while the knurling operation is performed. Low profile straddle knurling holders are adjustable to accomodate a range of part diameters. Click here for more info

Ti-Loc Saw

Ti-Loc Saw Arbors and Endmill Extensions: An exciting product in the GenSwiss Signature tooling line,The Ti-Loc SwissClamp System. This Taper-integrated small tooling system is designed to work with virtually any collet or tool holder that employs the dual angle ER collet system (DIN6499)
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