High Speed Live Spindles & Tool Holders for Citizen Machines

Genevieve Swiss carries a full line of aftermarket spindles, tool holders and attachments designed to enhance the abilities of Citizen CNC Swiss Type Machines. High Speed Spindles, Precision Tool Holders, Rotary Broaching Attachments and Holders, Straddle Knurling Holders as well as turning tools are available to your Citizen CNC Swiss Machine competitive and making chips.

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Citizen A20




Citizen A32


K12 & K16

Citizen K12 & K16

M12 & M16

Citizen M12 & M16


Signature Series Ejector Pins For Citizen Machines

Signature Series Ejector Pins For Citizen Machines

  • Interchangeable Tips Cut Down On Cost and Reduces Operation Time
  • High Pressure Air & Coolant Thru Ready
  • Multiple Tip Sizes For Different Collet Types & Sizes
  • Made From 303 Stainless Steel
CIT-SAU919-S-CT & CIT-SAU825-S-CT: Tool Holder for L12 / L20X / L20XII / L32 Machines


  • Short Flange Length for additional clearance during drilling and boring
  • OEM style fitment at half the cost
  • Protects live tooling positions during static tool operations
  • Now with coolant channels
  • Fits L12, L20X, & L32 Machines

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