GenGage Concentricity and Runout Gage Systems

Introducing the GenSwiss Runout and Concentricity Inspection System for the verification of cylindrical features. Precision Datum Rolls, adjustable Upper Tension Roll Assembly, and integral axial stop pins assure proper part staging and absolute gage accuracy. Infinitely adjustable indicator mounting arm with fine-adjustment positioning and variable CMM Tee-Slot Mounting Stand accommodate both part-specific and universal applications. Belt-drive removes operator influence while simplifying operation. Designed for manufacturing or inspection applications, the GenSwiss Concentricity Inspection System delivers accuracy, versatility, and operational simplicity at an affordable price.

  • System accuracy less than 2 microns.
  • Adjustable from 0.125” through 1.0000”
  • Standard adjustable articulated indicator mounting arm and Tee-slot mounting allows infinite positioning options
  • Adjustable axial stops simplify part positioning and prevent motion during inspection
  • Permanent etched scales on Mounting Stand simplify repeat measurements
  • Accomodates utilization on Optical Comparators or other measurement systems w/optional Fixture Base

Part No. Description
GAG-JCR0 Basic Runout Gage with Full-Form Cylindrical Rolls - Steel Mounting Plate
GAG-JCR1 Basic Runout Gage with Full-Form Cylindrical Rolls - Steel Mounting Plate - Multi-Position Tee-Slot Mounting Stand - Adjustable Test Indicator Stand With Mitutoyo Test Indicator