ER Collet Sleeves & Drill Chucks


Double ended collet sleeves increase ID tooling capacities as well as enable simultaneous main and subspindle operations to be performed.

Genevieve Swiss tool holder shanks are precision ground and case hardened to ensure a high level of accuracy.

Additional sleeves options can be found here

doubled ended collet

double collet sleeve
Part No. (Inch) Collet D1 D2 L
CS-11G-158-075D ER11 .625" 16mm 75mm
CS-11T-190-065D ER11 .750" 16mm 65mm
CS-11T-190-085D ER11 .750" 16mm 85mm
CS-11T-190-100D ER11 .750" 16mm 100mm
CS-11T-190-125D ER11 .750" 16mm 125mm
CS-16i-190-110D ER16 .750" 22mm 110mm
CS-16P-254-085D ER16 1.00" 22mm 85mm
CS-16P-254-120D ER16 1.00" 22mm 120mm
Part No. (Metric) Collet D1 D2 L
CS-11i-160-090D ER11 16mm 16mm 90mm
CS-11i-200-070D ER11 20mm 16mm 70mm
CS-16i-220-110D ER16 22mm 22mm 110mm
CS-16i-220-130D ER16 22mm 22mm 130mm
CS-20R-320-110D ER20 32mm 28mm 110mm
CS-20R-320-130D ER20 32mm 22mm 130mm

Genswiss recommends REGO-FIX ER Collets

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