GenSwiss® Drill Sleeves

GenSwiss® coolant-thru drill and boring sleeves are a new product designed and manufactured by GenSwiss®.  GenSwiss® drill and boring sleeves feature precision ground inch and metric shanks and are a robust method for holding drills and boring bars to tight tolerances.  Each GenSwiss® sleeve features coolant-thru holes, enabling coolant delivery to your coolant-thru drills or boring bars. The absence of an ER collet means each sleeve is sized to the specific tool shank intended for use and therefore removes any errors that can occur with standard ER collet based holders.

Coolant-thru drill and boring sleeves also streamline the number of components needed for tool holding, removing the seals required for coolant-thru ER collets.  Each coolant-thru sleeve is designed with a rear coolant input and mates with a 1/8-28 BSPP coolant fitting. Sleeves are manufactured in several inch and metric shank sizes; 5/8in, 3/4in, 1in, 20mm, and 22mm.  Nominal tool bore sizes range from 3mm to 8mm, however, drill sleeves can be manufactured to custom order.  Two set screws are present along the flats on each sleeve shank, providing a simple yet quick way to secure the tools into place.


Item No. Description Shank Size OAL Set Screw Bore Diameter
1027-000100 CTS-3.00-158760 5/8in 3in M4 3mm
1027-000101 CTS-3.18-158760 5/8in 3in M4 1/8in
1027-000102 CTS-4.00-158760 5/8in 3in M4 4mm
1027-000103 CTS-4.76-158760 5/8in 3in M4 3/16in
1027-000104 CTS-6.00-158760 5/8in 3in M6 6mm
1027-000105 CTS-6.35-158760 5/8in 3in M6 1/4in
1027-000106 CTS-7.94-158760 5/8in 3in M6 5/16in
1027-000107 CTS-8.00-158760 5/8in 3in M6 8mm
1027-000108 CTS-3.00-190760 3/4in 3in M4 3mm
1027-000109 CTS-3.18-190760 3/4in 3in M4 1/8in
1027-000110 CTS-4.00-190760 3/4in 3in M4 4mm
1027-000111 CTS-4.76-190760 3/4in 3in M4 3/16in
1027-000112 CTS-6.00-190760 3/4in 3in M6 6mm
1027-000113 CTS-6.35-190760 3/4in 3in M6 1/4in
1027-000114 CTS-7.94-190760 3/4in 3in M6 5/16in
1027-000115 CTS-8.00-190760 3/4in 3in M6 8mm
1027-000132 CTS-3.00-254760 1in 3in M4 3mm
1027-000133 CTS-3.18-254760 1in 3in M4 1/8in
1027-000134 CTS-4.00-254760 1in 3in M4 4mm
1027-000135 CTS-4.76-254760 1in 3in M4 3/16in
1027-000136 CTS-6.00-254760 1in 3in M6 6mm
1027-000137 CTS-6.35-254760 1in 3in M6 1/4in
1027-000138 CTS-7.94-254760 1in 3in M6 5/16in
1027-000139 CTS-8.00-254760 1in 3in M6 8mm
1027-000142 CTS-10.00-254760 1in 3in M8 10mm
1027-000141 CTS-13.00-254760 1in 3in M8 13mm
1027-000140 CTS-14.00-254760 1in 3in M8 14mm


Item No. Description Shank Size OAL Set Screw Bore Diameter
1027-000116 CTS-3.00-200760 20mm 3in M4 3mm
1027-000117 CTS-3.18-200760 20mm 3in M4 1/8in
1027-000118 CTS-4.00-200760 20mm 3in M4 4mm
1027-000119 CTS-4.76-200760 20mm 3in M4 3/16in
1027-000120 CTS-6.00-200760 20mm 3in M6 6mm
1027-000121 CTS-6.35-200760 20mm 3in M6 1/4in
1027-000122 CTS-7.94-200760 20mm 3in M6 5/16in
1027-000123 CTS-8.00-200760 20mm 3in M6 8mm
1027-000124 CTS-3.00-220760 22mm 3in M4 3mm
1027-000125 CTS-3.18-220760 22mm 3in M4 1/8in
1027-000126 CTS-4.00-220760 22mm 3in M4 4mm
1027-000127 CTS-4.76-220760 22mm 3in M4 3/16in
1027-000128 CTS-6.00-220760 22mm 3in M6 6mm
1027-000129 CTS-6.35-220760 22mm 3in M6 1/4in
1027-000130 CTS-7.94-220760 22mm 3in M6 5/16in
1027-000131 CTS-8.00-220760 22mm 3in M6 8mm

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