EZR Swiss Clamp System for ALL DIN6499 ER Tool Holders

The EzR Swiss Clamp Nuts are an upgrade over standard ER Hex-type clamping nuts or low-profile mini nuts. An innovative drive system coupled with the EzR Drive socket keeps the machine operator's hands and arms clear of sharp tooling thus preventing injury while enabling proper high-torque settings to be achieved.

The unique drive feature of EzR Nuts also lock to the drive socket, reducing the chance of the nut falling into the machine sump and getting lost.

  • EzR Nuts are high-speed balanced and can be used on live or static tool holders employing the DIN6499 spec ER Collet system
  • EzR Nuts are compatible with coolant disc products or steel sealed ER Collets for Coolant-Thru applications

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EZR Swiss Clamp System

Balanced for use with Live Tooling too!

EzR Extended Wrench Adaptor clears sharp tooling keeping your hands safe from injury while enabling accurate tightening of ER Tooling.

EzR Swiss Clamp Nuts can be tightened using standard box wrenches or 3/8" drive ratcheting socket wrenches when combined with the positive locking EzR Extended Wrench Adaptors or EzR Wrench Adaptors.

The following part numbers replace standard ER "Mini" Nuts

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EZR Swiss Clamp Nuts

Replaces Standard ER Mini-Nuts

Part No. Size A Thread
EZR08-NUT ER08 12 M10 x .75
EZR11-NUT ER11 16 M13 x .75
EZR16-NUT ER16 22 M19 x 1.00
EZR20-NUT ER20 28 M24 x 1.00
EZR25-NUT ER25 35 M30 x 1.00
EZR32-NUT ER32 43 M38 x 1.00
swiss clamp nuts

H Series

Part No. Size A Thread
EZRH08-NUT ER08 17.5 M22 x 1.50
EZRH11-NUT ER11 19 M25 x 1.50
EZRH16-NUT ER16 20 M32 x 1.50
EZRH20-NUT ER20 23 M40 x 1.50
EZRH25-NUT ER25 25 M350 x 1.50

EZR Swiss Clamp Wrench Adaptors

Hex Driver for use with standard box wrenches or socket ratchet wrenches

Part No. Size H
EZR08-ADP ER08 12mm
EZR11-ADP ER11 13mm
EZR16-ADP ER16 17mm
EZR20-ADP ER20 19mm
EZR25-ADP ER25 22mm
EZR32-ADP ER32 27mm
swiss clamp wrench adaptors

H Series

Part No. Size H
EZRH08-ADP ER08 12mm
EZRH11-ADP ER11 13mm
EZRH16-ADP ER16 17mm
EZRH20-ADP ER20 19mm
EZRH25-ADP ER25 22mm
EZRH32-ADP ER32 27mm

EZR Swiss Clamp Extended Wrench Adaptors

Extended clearance driver for use with box wrenches, hex sockets or 3/8" drive ratchets.

Part No. Size L H
EZR08-TQN ER08 75mm 12mm
EZR11-TQN ER11 75mm 13mm
EZR16-TQN ER16 85mm 17mm
EZR20-TQN ER20 90mm 19mm
EZR25-TQN ER25 96mm 22mm
EZR32-TQN ER32 96mm 27mm
extended wrench adapter

H Series

Part No. Size L H
EZRH16-TQN ER08 85mm 28mm
EZRH20-TQN ER11 102mm 34mm
EZRH25-TQN ER16 112mm 40mm
EZRH32-TQN ER20 123mm 50mm
EZRH40-TQN ER25 140mm 63mm

EZR Swiss Clamp Kits

Includes (6) EzR Swiss Clamp Nuts, (1) Wrench Adaptor (1) Extended Wrench Adaptor and (1) EzR Spanner

Part No. Size


H Series

Part No. Size

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