Signature Series Ejector Pins For Citizen Machines

Signature Series Ejector Pins For Citizen Machines

  • Interchangeable Tips Cut Down On Cost and Reduces Operation Time
  • High Pressure Air & Coolant Thru Ready
  • Multiple Tip Sizes For Different Collet Types & Sizes
  • Made From 303 Stainless Steel

Magnetic Finishing Systems For Micro-Deburring & Burnishing

  • Simplifies finishing of small delicate NON-FERROUS parts
  • Provides a highly burnished finish without deforming sensitve features
  • Automated programmable timer and rotation
  • Compact and usable for workbench or machine-side deburring
  • Magnetic vortex uses stainless steel pins for deburring media
Mi-JET Parts Cleaning System

Mi-JET Parts Cleaning System

  • Easy To Install
  • Keeps The Air & Floor Clean Of Oil Residue
  • Captures EXPENSIVE Cutting Fluids For Reuse
  • Wash Stations Are Available For Washing & Drying Parts

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