Knurling Holders and Dies

Straddle Knurling Tool for Small Parts

  • Ideal for CNC Swiss Machines and Lathes
  • Supports small diameter parts to prevent deflection
  • Enables axial feeding of long knurled parts
  • Adjustable to accomodate any diameter .750" and under

Compact Bump Style Knurl Holders

  • Ideal for CNC Swiss Machines and Lathes
  • Single and Double knurling die configurations
  • Economical knurling solution

Heavy Duty Axial Feeding Knurl Holders

  • Adjustable for various diameters
  • Enables knurling on long parts
  • Three die configuration for heavy duty applications

Convex and Standard Performance Knurl Dies

  • Convex knurl dies are the ultimate tool for axial feed knurling applications
  • Hi Cobalt tool steel provides cleaner knurl results and longer tool life
  • Available in standard TPI or diametral pitch (DP)
  • Available with CVD coatings