Louis Belet Premium Carbide Cutting Tools from GenSwiss

GenSwiss is excited to announce our new partnership with Louis Belet SA of Switzerland for representation in the US manufacturing market! Louis Belet is a world class manufacturer of precision metal cutting tools and innovator in the Aerospace, Medical and Micro-Mechanical manufacturing fields.

Louis Belet Cutting Tools are a leading source worldwide for the production of precision components made from Steels, Stainless, Titanium, Synthetics, Composites as well as non-ferrous materials such as Aluminum and Brass.

Products include:

  • Drills: Micro, Cool-Thru, Step, etc.
  • End Mills: Micro, Ball Nose, Specials
  • Slitting Saws: Standard and Radius
  • PCD Cutters
  • Laser Grinding of Specials
  • Over 6500 Standard Catalog Items!

Download the Full Louis Belet Product Catalogs Below!