Mi-Jet Parts Cleaning

Mi-Jet Parts Cleaner
Mi-Jet Parts Cleaner
  • Easy To Install - Connects To Shop Air In Minutes
  • Keeps The Air & Floor Clean Of Oil Residue
  • Captures EXPENSIVE Cutting Fluids For Re-use
  • Wash Stations Are Available For Washing & Drying Parts

Mi-Jet Wash Station

Mi-JET Units & Stations

Part No. Description
1550-000101 12inch Angle Top MiJET Unit
1550-000102 12inch Flat Top MiJET Unit
1550-000100 8inch Angle Top MiJET Unit
1550-000103 8inch Flat Top MiJet Unit
1550-000131 8inch MiJET Wash Station
1550-000132 12inch MiJET Wash Station