Multidec 1600 Series - Standard Micro Swiss Turning Tools

Utilis Multidec 1600 Series Swiss Tools are designed for micro turning, grooving and threading operations in Swiss-Type CNC machines. Perfectly designed for the smallest of Swiss machines the 1600 series excels at work under .125" in diameter. Tough UHM30 grade carbide combined with a variety of coatings enhances tool life in tough materials typically machined in Swiss-type applications.

Thin Grooving applications are also ideal for the Multidec 1600 line. Insert widths range from .05mm to 2.75mm (.0019" - .108") as standard products.

Also capable of Front Turn, Back Turn, Micro-Threading, Cut Off & when paired with special ID working holders, the system can perform Axial grooving and ID work as well on larger parts.

  • Thin Groove Solution (.0019" - .1082")
  • Small shanks fit the smallest machines
  • Excels at micro turning applications
  • Cutting edge repeatability within .0004"

Download a full copy of the Utilis Catalog

UTILIS2014.pdf (13.7 MiB)