Genevieve Swiss Industries carries a full line of premium grade cutting oils specifically designed for the manufacture of small parts. From Aluminum & Brass to 300 Series Stainless, Titanium & Exotic Alloys, there is an appropriate grade of oil for your application. Swiss Silver Oils feature greater lubricity over competitive products and are better for the life of your machine, not just your cutting tools. Some oils create a wax-like buildup on your machine's sliding surfaces which catches chips and creates an abrasive over time. This will ultimately cause your machine to lose accuracy and even result in costly maintenance charges. Click here for MSDS Data

TYPE A Good for all Metals, including Aluminum, Brass & Copper
TYPE B Contains Additives to enhance tool life in ferrous materials and tough alloys. Could tarnish Aluminum, Brass & Copper parts if left uncleaned

Swiss Silver Type A

Swiss Silver Type A & B
Our Standard HIGH PERFORMANCE Premium Product. Ideal for all Swiss-Type Machines or Small Parts Turning Centers. For extended tool life & Medium pressure delivery & package for reduced mist & air entrapment.

Type A: LCO-SS00-A00-MGS ---- Type B: LCO-SS00-B00-MGS

Aluminum & Brass

Swiss Silver "AB" (Aluminum & Brass)
Specifically designed for Aluminum, Brass and Copper applications. Special features include our Extended Tool Life Formulation for machining Aluminum & Brass with superior finish results. Prevents tarnishing of all yellow metals.


Swiss Silver HM Type A & B

Swiss Silver HM Type A & B
Formulated for machining of "hard metals" such as high nickel materials, Inconel, Hastaloy and other extreme & exotic alloys. Includes tool life enhancing additives providing the superior finish results that Swiss Silver users expect.

Type A: LCO-SSHM-A00-MGS ---- Type B: LCO-SSHM-B00-MGS

Swiss Silver HP Type A & B

Swiss Silver HP Type A & B
Specifically designed for High Pressure Coolant Delivery Systems. Provides incredible resistance to foaming while minimizing mist and air entrapment. Available in both TYPE A & TYPE B Grades. Suitable for all applications

Type A: LCO-SSHP-A00-MGS ---- Type B: LCO-SSHP-B00-MGS

Swiss Silver PL Type A & B

Swiss Silver PL Type A & B
Specifically designed for High Pressure Coolant Delivery Systems. Provides low viscosity and better heat dispersion for precision micro machining and deep hole drilling. Available in both TYPE A & TYPE B Grades. Excels on stainless steel, tough alloys, titanium, brass, and aluminum.

Type A: LCO-SPLA-A00-MGS ---- Type B: LCO-SPLB-B00-MGS

Swiss Silver Vegetable Base

Swiss Silver Vegetable Base
High Performance Vegetable Based alternative product provides pure lubricity and unparalleled surface finish on parts. Biodegradable and environmentally acceptable for fulfilling 'green' machining objectives.

Type A: LCO-SSVX-101A-VGS ---- Type B: LCO-SSVX-101B-VGS