Static Punch Broaching Tools

When special ID forms are required on your Swiss-style machining jobs, look to our static punch broach holders for ease of use, repeatability and rigidity. Able to position a broach form tool at a known location for timing or positioning of the broached profile.

Genevieve Swiss-Type punch broach holders are designed specifically to make broaching fast & easy to perform in machines such as Citizen, Star, Tsugami, Tornos & other Swiss Turning centers.


The SBH Series Swiss-Type Static Punch Broach Holder - Cost Effective Solution for Punch Broaching

  • Partial Form Broaches Reduce Cutting Pressure on Tough Applications
  • Eliminates Tool Holder from Pushing Back or Moving During Broaching
  • Enables Orientation of Broached Forms
  • Ideal for Medical and Aerospace Fastener Applications
  • Highly Repeatable - Quick Tool Changes
Part No. D1 D2 L1 L2
SBH-158250-125-8M 1" .625" 1.25" 2.5"
SBH-190250-125-8M 1" .750" 1.25" 2.5"
SBH-200250-125-8M 1" 20mm 1.25" 2.5"
SBH-220250-125-8M 1" 22mm 1.25" 2.5"
SBH-254250-125-8M 1.1" 1" 1.25" 2.5"