Quick Change ER Bore Adaptors


Quick Change Boring adaptors make it fast and simple to locate center position for boring bars when combined with notched ER holders. A simple locating pin rests within the notched holder ensuring accurate centering. These solid bushings utilize the ER collet system to securely hold a boring bar in a rigid fashion. Axial length can be easily set using any form of presetting device.

Available in ANY size ID tool hold all boring bar shanks
Metric Sizes Available as well

Part No. ER Size Bore Nut Thread
CQS-SH16-12501 ER16 .125" M19 x 1
CQS-SH16-18701 ER16 .1875" M19 x 1
CQS-SH16-25001 ER16 .250" M19 x 1
CQS-SH16-31201 ER16 .3125" M19 x 1
CQS-SH16-37501 ER16 .375" M19 x 1
CQS-SH20-12501 ER20 .125" M24 x 1
CQS-SH20-18701 ER20 .1875" M24 x 1
CQS-SH20-25001 ER20 .250" M24 x 1
CQS-SH20-31201 ER20 .3125" M24 x 1
CQS-SH20-37501 ER20 .375" M24 x 1

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