Quick Change ER Collet Adaptors

Quick Change collet adaptors make it easier to control quality in your shop. These adaptors make it simple to have preset tooling available, eliminating the need to touch off the tool after a routine change. This also enables less experienced machine operators to be more productive. Works with ANY ER tool holding system and retains TIR of less than .001"

Included components:

  • Quick Change ER adaptor
  • "Middle nut" for affixing the adaptor to your ER collet holder
  • ER Collet with ID of your choice
  • "ER" clamping nut

Part No. Adaptor Collet Middle Nut Thread
CQS-AS11-0801 ER11 to ER8 ER8 M13 x .75
CQS-AS11-0802 ER11 to ER8 ER8 M14 x .75
CQS-AS16-1101 ER16 to ER11 ER11 M19 x 1
CQS-AS16-1102 ER16 to ER11 ER11 M22 x 1.5
CQS-AS20-1101 ER20 to ER11 ER11 M24 x 1
CQS-AS20-1102 ER20 to ER11 ER11 M25 x 1.5
CQS-AS20-1601 ER20 to ER16 ER16 M24 x 1
CQS-AS20-1602 ER20 to ER16 ER16 M25 x 1.5

All Quick Change assemblies can be ordered with or without an ER collet.

Specify collet size at time of order if needed.

Additional Quick Change adapters available. Call for details.