ER Collet Sleeves & Drill Chucks for Swiss-Type CNC Machines

Cost Effective Tool Holder Sleeves for use with "ER" Collet Systems.

These collet sleeves are cost effective solutions to tool holding and are available in a variety of both Inch and Metric sized shank diameters. Also featuring a solid shank for rigidity and a side coolant port for connection to a high-pressure coolant delivery system. Every unit has a notched collet taper for easy tool orientation when combined with Quick-Change boring bar adaptors.

These Holders work with our Quick Change boring adaptors/collets to enable easy setup of boring bars and other tooling.

Shank Only

Shank w/ nut

Part No. Collet D1 L1 OAL
CQS-SS-160500 ER16 .500" 1.1" 4.5"
CQS-SS-160625 ER16 .625" 1.1" 4.5"
CQS-SS-160750 ER16 .750" 1.1" 4.5"
CQS-SS-161000 ER16 1.00" 1.1" 4.5"
CQS-SS-200750 ER20 .750" 1.2" 4.5"
CQS-SS-201000 ER20 1.00" 1.2" 4.5"
CQS-SS-201250 ER20 1.25" 1.2" 4.5"
Part No. Collet D1 L1 OAL
CQS-S16-0500-CSE ER16 .500" 1.1" 4.5"
CQS-S16-0625-CSE ER16 .625" 1.1" 4.5"
CQS-S16-0750-CSE ER16 .750" 1.1" 4.5"
CQS-S16-1000-CSE ER16 1.00" 1.1" 4.5"
CQS-S20-0750-CSE ER20 .750" 1.2" 4.5"
CQS-S20-1000-CSE ER20 1.00" 1.2" 4.5"
CQS-S20-1250-CSE ER20 1.25" 1.2" 4.5"

Metric Shanks

Metric Shanks

CQS-SS-160787 ER16 20mm 28mm 71mm
CQS-SS-160866 ER16 22mm 28mm 118mm
CQS-SS-160984S ER16 25mm 28mm 60mm
CQS-SS-160984 ER16 25mm 28mm 95mm
CQS-SS-200866 ER20 22mm 30mm 114mm
CQS-SS-201260 ER20 32mm 30mm 118mm
CQS-S16-0787-CSE ER16 20mm 28mm 71mm
CQS-S16-0866-CSE ER16 22mm 28mm 118mm
CQS-S16-0984-CSE ER16 25mm 28mm 95mm
CQS-S20-0866-CSE ER20 22mm 30mm 114mm
CQS-S20-1260-CSE ER20 32mm 30mm 118mm

ER25, 32 & 40 sizes are available as well, call (800) 445-2526 for details.

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