Floating Reamer Holders & Micro Reamers

Orbitally Floating Micro Reamer Holders can be your solution to solving reaming problems with micro reamers. These reaming holders ensure extreme precision of small holes.

Designed with a "True Orbital Float" Feature in the front and back axis, the floating micro reamer holder perfectly aligns the reamer with the hole to provide a perfectly round hole to the correct size.

The proprietary precision bearing design ensures that the tool always returns to the center position upon completion of the reaming operation, to ensure consistancy from piece to piece. Float sensitivity is adjustable to accommodate different diameter reamers.

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Our Floating Reamer Holder can Float up to .009" off center by simply following the drilled hole.

Part No. Shank (D) Length(L) Collet
RFH-08-008-042 8mm 42mm ER08
RFH-08-190-070 3/4in 70mm ER08
RFH-11-010-042 10mm 42mm ER11
RFH-11-200-042 20mm 42mm ER11
RFH-11-220-042 22mm 42mm ER11
RFH-11-190-042 3/4in 42mm ER11

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