Heavy Duty Rotary Broaching Tools for CNC Lathes

Rotary Broaching is the preferred method for machining polygonal profiles into parts using CNC lathes and turning centers as well as vertical milling machines.

Already well known in Europe, PCM's Rotary Broach holders are some of the finest available to the machining industry. Capable of making a hex broach anywhere from .040" ~ 1" in diameter.

These holders are built to outperform all other holders available to the market today with superior rigidity, strength and bearing life, while providing simplicity in setup.

adjustable broach

6180 / 6181 Heavy Duty Series

6180 Series Rotary Broach Holder for CNC Lathes and Turning Centers

Excellent for Medium to Heavy jobs, the 6180 Series Broach Holder is a great choice for larger model Swiss Type machines or for CNC Turning Centers. X & Y location as well as locking screws are adjusted using a simple allen wrench, thus eliminating the use of bulky spanner wrenches near delicate tooling and reduces the chance of slippage.

  • Max thrust Force: 2700lbs
  • Uses 8mm Shank Broaches
Round Shank Round Shank w/ Flats Ø D L
RBH-6180-158 RBH-6181-158 .625" 1.575"
RBH-6180-190 RBH-6181-190 .750" 1.575"
RBH-6180-254 RBH-6181-254 1.00" 1.970"
RBH-6180-317 RBH-6181-317 1.250" 2.365"
RBH-6180-160 RBH-6181-160 16mm 1.575"
RBH-6180-200 RBH-6181-200 20mm 1.575"
RBH-6180-250 RBH-6181-250 25mm 1.970"
RBH-6180-300 RBH-6181-300 30mm 2.365"
RBH-6180-320 RBH-6181-320 32mm 2.365"

6190 / 6191 Super Duty Series

6190 Series Rotary Broach Holder for CNC Lathes and Turning Centers

PCM's strongest rotary broach holder is ideal for the largest of CNC lathes and turning centers. Features the best bearing design and layout available for heavy duty applications. This enables the broaching of tough materials and larger broach profiles.

  • Max Thrust Force: 9000lbs
  • Uses 12mm Shank Broaches


Round Shank Round Shank w/ Flats Ø D L
RBH-6190-254 RBH-6191-254 1.000" 2.165"
RBH-6190-317 RBH-6191-317 1.250" 2.165"
  RBH-6191-381 1.500" 2.165"
  RBH-6191-444 1.750" 2.675"
  RBH-6191-508 2.000" 2.675
RBH-6190-200 RBH-6191-200 20mm 2.165"
RBH-6190-250 RBH-6191-250 25mm 2.165"
RBH-6190-300 RBH-6191-300 30mm 2.165"
RBH-6190-320 RBH-6191-320 32mm 2.165"
  RBH-6191-350 35mm 2.165"
  RBH-6191-400 40mm 2.165"
  RBH-6191-450 45mm 2.675"
  RBH-6191-500 50mm 2.675"


Rotary Broach Tools

Rotary Broach Tools


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