Signature Series Sub-Spindle Tool Holding Solutions

GenSwiss SAU919-S-CT and SAU825-S-CT enable the holding of round shank tools using your sub-spindle while protecting the live tooling drive gear when that particular station is not in use.  A 3/4in  collet sleeve shank can be held with the SAU919-S-CT for L20X or L12 machines or a 1in collet sleeve shank can be held with the SAU825-S-CT for L32 machines. A shorter block length provides clearance for deeper hole drilling operations and both models come coolant-thru ready.      

Sub-Spindle Tool Holding

  • Pair with a GenSwiss Signature Series collet sleeve, ER 16 collet, and mini nut for ID tool working.

Citizen Machines

  • Currently available for L12, L20X, & L32 Citizen machines.

SAU Holders

Part No. Sleeve Adapter Machine Type Pairs With GenSwiss Collet Sleeve Assembly
CIT-SAU825-S-CT 1in L32 CS-16-254-050CX
CIT-SAU919-S-CT 3/4in L12, L20X CS-16-190-040

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