Slitting Saws & Saw Arbors for CNC Swiss Machines

Genevieve Swiss Industries carries a wide variety of saw arbors for high precision as well as standard economical needs.  Inch and metric sized arbors are also available, held to stringent quality standards required by discerning Swiss-Type machinists.   

Combination Saws

  • Adds an extra live tool
  • Holds a drill or endmill

Exceptional TIR

  • Holds a TIR < .0005
  • Ultra precision arbors hold TIR < .0001

Metric & Inch Sizes

  • Available in both inch and metric sizes

NEW ER16 Taper Integrated "Ti-Loc" Saw Arbors

  • REDUCES Tolerance "Stacking" for better TIR
  • Increases RIGIDITY during saw operations
  • GROUND saw mounting journal and ER Taper
  • REPEATABLE saw blade location
  • Works with ANY STANDARD ER nut for clamping

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Standard Precision Saw Arbors

Economical and ready for use, these pre-hardened hex nut saw arbors provide the average application with a cost effective solution to hold saws with concentricity less than .0005”. Made in the USA

Part No. D1 L1 D2 L2 D3 L3 D4 L4
SAS-N1970-1970 5mm 3mm 7mm 16mm 5mm 35mm 7mm 8.3mm
SAS-N0507-0738 5mm 3mm N/A N/A 7mm 35mm 7mm 8.3mm

Ultra Precision Combination Saw Arbors - Holds an extra live tool!

The Nut Mount Combination Arbor provides additional precision and holding power by applying pressure only on the outer edge of the mounting nut. This eliminates any chance of eccentricity from high-spots. The addition of the combined mill or center drill provides additional tool capacity and setup flexibility . Made in the USA

Part No. Tool Bore (B) D1 L1 D2 L2 D3 L3 D4 L4
SAC-N250-250118 3mm .2500in .125in .375in .625in .250in 1.375in .375in .375in
SAC-N312-312118 3mm .3120in .125in .375in .625in .312in 1.375in .375in .375in
SAC-N375-375118 3mm .3748in .115in .500in .625in .375in 1.375in .500in .374in
SAC-N315-315118 3mm 8mm 3mm 9.5mm 16mm 8mm 35mm 9.5mm 9.5mm
SAC-N394-394118 3mm 10mm 3mm 12.7mm 16mm 10mm 35mm 12.7mm 9.5mm
SAC-N250-250125 .1250in .2500in .125in .375in .625in .250in 1.375in .375in .375in
SAC-N312-312125 .1250in .3120in .125in .375in .625in .312in 1.375in .375in .375in
SAC-N375-375125 .1250in .3748in .125in .500in .625in .375in 1.375in .500in .374in
SAC-N315-315125 .1250in 8mm 3mm 9.5mm 16mm 8mm 35mm 9.5mm 9.5mm
SAC-N394-394125 .1250in 10mm 3mm 12.7mm 16mm 10mm 35mm 12.7mm 9.5mm
SAC-N312-312187 .1875in .3120in .125in .375in .625in .312in 1.375in .375in .375in
SAC-N375-375187 .1875in .3748in .125in .500in .625in .375in 1.375in .500in .374in
SAC-N315-315187 .1875in 8mm 3mm 9.5mm 16mm 8mm 35mm 9.5mm 9.5mm
SAC-N394-394187 .1875in 10mm 3mm 12.7mm 16mm 10mm 35mm 12.7mm 9.5mm

High Precision Metric Saw Arbors

Hard to find metric saw arbors provide maximum saw balance and stability with the flange mount design. The unique design applies pressure to the outward edge of the flange ensuring the greatest gripping power at the outer most edge to prevent slipping. Uses countersunk screw and flange washer to apply holding force. Measured TIR is less than .0004”. Swiss Made

Part No. D1 L1 D2 L2 D3 L3
SAF-050010-503809-M4F 5.00mm 1.00mm 9.00mm 12.00mm 5.00mm 38.0mm
SAF-050010-703812-M4F 5.00mm 1.00mm 12.00mm 12.00mm 7.00mm 38.0mm
SAF-080016-703818-M5F 8.00mm 1.60mm 18.00mm 13.00mm 7.00mm 38.0mm
SAF-080016-104514-M5F 8.00mm 1.60mm 14.00mm 14.00mm 10.00mm 45.0mm
SAF-080040-104514-M5F 8.00mm 4.00mm 14.00mm 14.00mm 10.00mm 45.0mm
SAF-130025-134522-M6F 13.00mm 2.50mm 22.00mm 16.00mm 13.00mm 45.0mm
SAF-160025-134525-M6F 16.00mm 2.50mm 25.00mm 16.00mm 13.00mm 45.0mm
SAF-095011-042511-C11 9.50mm 1.10mm 11.40mm 19.10mm 4.00mm 25.4mm
SAF-100025-071918-C15 10.00mm 2.50mm 19.00mm 14.00mm 7.00mm 19.0mm
SAF-100025-071918-C18 10.00mm 2.50mm 19.00mm 14.00mm 7.00mm 19.0mm
SAF-130025-071919-C19 13.00mm 2.50mm 19.00mm 14.00mm 7.00mm 19.0mm
SAF-047013-473895-M3F 4.76mm 1.30mm 9.50mm 11.96mm 4.76mm 38.0mm
SAF-063013-633811-M4F 6.35mm 1.30mm 11.40mm 11.96mm 6.35mm 38.0mm
SAF-079016-793816-M5F 7.94mm 1.65mm 15.90mm 13.60mm 7.94mm 38.0mm
SAF-095025-953816-M6F 9.53mm 2.49mm 15.90mm 13.80mm 9.53mm 38.0mm

GENSWISS Signature Series ULTRA Precision Saw Arbors

Our most popular style of slitting saw arbor is now available in guaranteed TIR grades of SAS (under .0005" TIR) and SAP (under .0001" TIR). Our SAS arbors are adequate for many applications and are an extremely cost effective method of clamping and holding a carbide slitting saw in your Swiss lathe tool setup. When ULTRA Precsion is required, the SAP grade is suggested as they are held to stringent quality standards required by discerning Swiss-type machinists. Made in the USA

Standard Precision TIR<.0005" ULTRA Precision TIR<.0001" D1 L1 D2 L2 D3 L3 D4 L4 Includes Spacer
SAS-N1250-1250 SAP-N1250-1250 .1248in .025in .197in .500in .125in 1.0in .197in .185in No
SAS-N1875-1875 SAP-N1875-1875 .1874in .045in .315in .500in .187in 1.4in .316in .305in No
SAS-N2500-2500 SAP-N2500-2500 .2498in .045in .394in .500in .250in 1.4in .394in .305in No
SAS-N3125-3125 SAP-N3125-3125 .3124in .045in .451in .500in .312in 1.4in .451in .305in No
SAS-N3750-3750 SAP-N3750-3750 .3749in .045in .500in .500in .375in 1.4in .500in .305in No
SAS-N5000-5000 SAP-N5000-5000 .4999in .052in .625in .500in .500in 1.4in .625in .305in No
  SAPE-N2500-2500-6.0 .2500in .049in .453in .500in .250in 1.4in .394in .349in Yes


Metric TIR<.0005" Metric TIR<.0001" D1 L1 D2 L2 D3 L3 D4 L4 Includes Spacer
SAS-N0500-0500 SAP-N0500-0500 5mm 1.0mm 8.0mm 11.5mm 5mm 38.0mm 8.0mm 6.35mm No
SAS-N0800-0800 SAP-N0800-0800 8mm 1.2mm 11.5mm 11.3mm 8mm 35.0mm 11.5mm 8.0mm No
SAS-N1000-1000 SAP-N1000-1000 10mm 1.2mm 13.5mm 16.6mm 10mm 30.0mm 13.5mm 8.0mm No
  SAPE-N0500-0500-6.0 5mm 1.2mm 8.0mm 12.7mm 5mm 35.6mm 8.0mm 8.85mm Yes
  SAPE-N0800-0800-6.0 8mm 1.2mm 10.0mm 12.7mm 8mm 35.6mm 11.5mm 8.85mm Yes

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