Rotary Broaching Tools for Swiss-Type Machines

Rotary / Wobble Broaching on Swiss Type CNC Machines is becoming a cost effective way to produce hex and hexlobular drive features in one operation. The Broaching process takes only seconds to produce the profile and parts can be finished complete out of the machine without the need for the broaching to be performed as a secondary operation.

Genevieve Swiss-Type broach holders are designed specifically to make broaching fast & easy to perform in machines such as Citizen, Star, Tsugami, Tornos & other Swiss Turning centers.

Our original Swiss Type rotary broaching tool holder features the No Adjustment-Time Saving setup feature that PCM of Switzerland pioneered and Genevieve Swiss Enhanced. This holder is the premier choice for broaching on Swiss Type Machines. Do not accept anything less.

The 2160 Series is low profile and fits into most small machines without interefering with adjacent tooling stations.

Part No. D L
RBH-2160-120-038 12mm 38mm
RBH-2160-140-038 14mm 38mm
RBH-2160-160-038 16mm 38mm
RBH-2160-200-100 20mm 100mm
RBH-2160-220-100 22mm 100mm
RBH-2160-250-120 25mm 120mm
RBH-2160-158-038 5/8" 38mm
RBH-2160-190-100 3/4" 100mm
RBH-2160-254-120 1" 120mm