Floating Tap Collets by PCM

PCM® Floating Tap Collets are an economical solution to replace expensive tapping sleeves and eliminate tapping error. The PCM ET1 Floating Tap Collets can be used with the Rigid Tapping Function to compensate for pitch error due to the torsional stress that can occur on small taps, eliminating the difference between the tap and the CNC.

The Collets feature 2 or 4 set screws that lock down on the square tang of the tap, eliminaing any tap slippage.

Fits into ANY 'ER' Collet Taper or Holder

Shank Sizes

0.141 - 0.480in

Tapping Collets (Inch)

Shank ER11 ER16 ER20 ER25 ER32
0.141" ET1-12141 ET1-16141 ET1-20141 ET1-25141  
0.168"   ET1-16168 ET1-20168 ET1-25168 ET1-32168
0.194"   ET1-16194 ET1-20194 ET1-25194 ET1-32194
0.220"   ET1-16220 ET1-20220 ET1-25220 ET1-32220
0.255"     ET1-20255 ET1-25255 ET1-32255
0.318"       ET1-25318 ET1-32318
0.323"       ET1-25323 ET1-32323
0.323"       ET1-25323 ET1-32323
0.367"       ET1-25367 ET1-32367
0.381"       ET1-25381 ET1-32381
0.429"         ET1-32429
0.437"         ET1-32437
0.480"         ET1-32480

1.0 - 3.55mm

Tapping Collets (Metric)

Shank ER11 ER16 ER20 ER25
1mm ET1-12100AL ET1-16100AL    
1.4mm ET1-12140 ET1-16140    
1.5mm ET1-12150AL ET1-16150AL    
1.6mm ET1-12160 ET1-16160    
1.8mm ET1-12180 ET1-16180    
2.0mm ET1-12200 ET1-16200    
2.2mm ET1-12221 ET1-16221 ET1-20221  
2.24mm ET1-12224 ET1-16224 ET1-20224  
2.5mm ET1-12250 ET1-16250 ET1-20250 ET1-25250
2.8mm ET1-12280 ET1-16280 ET1-20280 ET1-25280
3.0mm ET1-12300 ET1-16300 ET1-20300 ET1-25300
3.15mm ET1-12315 ET1-16315 ET1-20315 ET1-25315
3.5mm ET1-12350 ET1-16350 ET1-20350 ET1-25350
3.55mm ET1-12355 ET1-16355 ET1-20355 ET1-25355

4.0 - 10.0mm

Tapping Collets (Metric)

Shank ER16 ER20 ER25
4mm ET1-16400 ET1-20400 ET1-25400
4.5mm ET1-16450 ET1-20450 ET1-25450
5mm ET1-16500 ET1-20500 ET1-25500
5.5mm ET1-16550 ET1-20550 ET1-25550
5.6mm ET1-16560 ET1-20560 ET1-25560
6mm ET1-16600 ET1-20600 ET1-25600
6.2mm ET1-16620 ET1-20620 ET1-25620
6.3mm ET1-16630 ET1-20630 ET1-25630
7mm   ET1-20700 ET1-25700
7.1mm     ET1-25710
8mm     ET1-25800
8.5mm     ET1-25850
9mm     ET1-25900
10mm     ET1-25100

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