Tooling and Accessories for Tsugami SS20/32 & S206 Machines

TSU-HS20-510-3X -Fits B1- B5 Subspindle Rotary tool positions
TSU-HS20-510L-3X - Fits R1 - R3 Main Spindle Rotary tool positions

Now available for the Tsugami "Super Swiss" Machines: High speed 3X speeder heads manufactured by PCM of Switzerland. Designed as a direct replacement for the modular cross-drilling live tooling spindles.

Easy Programming - simply input 1/3 the desired speed. Ideal for Micro-Machining applications. Designed for Tsugami SS20 and SS32 Machines

NEW for Tsugami S206 Swiss-Type Machines

TSU-S206-RSC-005-3X - Fits T11 or T13 position. Cross working high speed live tooling spindle.

TSU-S206-RSE-005-3X - Fits T31, 32, 33 or 34 positions.
End working high speed live tooling spindle


RBH-2160-254-120: Swiss Type Rotary Broach Holder- 1" Dia. Shank.
RBH-2160-200-100: Swiss Type Rotary Broach Holder - 20mm Shank.
RBH-2160-220-100: Swiss Type Rotary Broach Holder - 22mm Shank.

A low profile Rotary Broach Holder specifically designed for CNC Swiss Type Machines. Reduces setup time be eliminating the need indicate the broach to center and is small enough to fit into the tightest tooling setups. Capable of withstanding up to 2250lbs of thrust force, this rotary broach holder is ideal for swiss-type medical applications and works well for broaching tough materials such as Titanium, 300 Series Stainless and other medical grade alloys. Click here for more info


KHS-2EPR-625 - 5/8" shank: Conventional 'bump' knurling methods are undesirable for smaller diameter parts as the forces will deflect the workpiece. To control this problem, a straddle knurl holder should be used to provide support to the workpiece while the knurling operation is performed. Low profile straddle knurling holders are adjustable to accomodate a range of part diameters.