Precision Thread Whirling Products

Thread whirling is a fast & accurate method of producing long threaded parts on a Swiss-type machine. By employing more cutting teeth, the GenSwiss/UTILIS whirling system greatly enhances productivity by allowing increased speeds and feeds while maintaining rigid finish qualities required by the medical implant industry

  • Rings available in several pocket configurations up to 12 inserts
  • Double edge indexable inserts provide excellent tool life
  • Rings available for all major OEMs
  • Standard and Custom thread forms available

High Performance Thread Whirling Rings

  • Available designs for 9 or 12 Cutters for high output thread production
  • Whirling rings for Citizen, Star, Tornos, Tsugami, Nexturn & Maier Swiss
  • Additional cutters allow faster speeds and feeds
  • Capable of whirling double lead / double helix threads

Thread Whirling Attachments for Swiss Machines

  • Swiss Made precision whirling attachments
  • Enables high output threaded part manufacturing on Swiss Lathes
  • Built-in Helix adjustment
  • Compatible with the UTILIS High Performance Thread Whirling System

High Performance Thread Whirling inserts by UTILIS

  • The most accurate thread whirling insert available to the industry
  • Custom made per print specs
  • Highly repeatable ground thread forms
  • Double thread lead style inserts available

Thread Whirling Data and Recommendations

  • Learn the basics of thread whirling and how it can benefit your operation
  • Helix angle calculator helps determine required whirl angle
  • Advantages to thread whirling over single point threading

GenSwiss 2019 Catalog

Utilis 2020 Catalog

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